15 January, 2018

18th Birthday Haul


At last, I'm finally 18! I celebrated my birthday on the 13th with close family and friends with pizza, pasta & numerous cakes and sweets. I then later went out to a bar with a close friend who also turned 18 at midnight :-)

This was the outfit I wore that night:
it's my birthday! ♡ // #OOTD // #392 ~ 130118

I was also spoilt rotten with gifts from my friends and family. Thank you all for coming & for the birthday wishes & gifts, I appreciate it xx

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08 January, 2018

Must-Have Mustard Playsuit


I was invited to one of my close friends' birthday celebration party on Saturday, and I came across the perfect playsuit from Masque Boutique to dress up in for the event. I had fun experimenting bold, colourful nail polish that would accompany the mustard playsuit well and attempting to rearrange my choker in different styles. 

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01 January, 2018

Christmas Haul 2017


It's been quite a while since the last time I posted; I went on a two year hiatus from my blog, but alas, I'm finally back :-) Also of course, my first post after two years would be a Christmas haul, haha!

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19 July, 2015

Two Weeks in Photos


It's the end of the holidays already, and it's gone by so fast. I had a really nice, quiet and relaxing time, which was what I really needed. 
The photos below are a small collection of what I took during the holidays. Enjoy looking through them :-)