19 July, 2015

Two Weeks in Photos


It's the end of the holidays already, and it's gone by so fast. I had a really nice, quiet and relaxing time, which was what I really needed. 
The photos below are a small collection of what I took during the holidays. Enjoy looking through them :-)

07 July, 2015

Melbourne Flashback


It's already been 4 months since I went on a plane to Melbourne to see the lovely Ed Sheeran; god it's gone fast! This post is a small recap of the fun times I had in Melbourne, which consisted of delicious chocolate drinks, aquariums, innovative buildings and a few Easter Krispy Kreme donuts...

14 June, 2015

Queensland - Week Three

Hello everyone!

Finally, here is the post all about my final week in Queensland, which consisted of train rides, the Great Barrier Reef, pebbles, and spectacular night views of Brisbane.

Click 'read more' the see my final adventures in Queensland! 

10 May, 2015

Queensland - Week Two


Very sorry for the late post - I've been so busy during my time up in Queensland, that I didn't have time to make one!
So for the two posts that I've missed (last Sunday and today's), I'll hopefully try and post two this week! Don't get your hopes up though, I probably won't be able to either as I've got quite a lot of schoolwork to catch up on :(.

Anyway, onto the blogpost! 

Click 'read more' to see what I'd been up to in my second week in Queensland!