05 March, 2018

Melbourne Plans


I'm in a very good mood at the moment, as on the Thursday this week, I'll be travelling to Melbourne with my two close friends :-). We'll be going to Ed Sheeran's concert and doing non-stop shopping in the streets of urban Melbourne. 

I've been coming up with a list on my phone of things I would like to buy and accomplish in Melbourne, so I thought hey, why not post it!

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19 February, 2018

I Can Fly! I Can Fly!


Over the past few months, I've captured so many beautiful sunsets, especially ones that I can see right out my bedroom window. During capturing the sunsets, most of the time I've been listening to my Disney Spotify playlist that I compiled all of my favourite Disney tunes in, which helped me draw inspiration for the silhouette images I created below.. :-)

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06 February, 2018

January Favourites


Can you believe it's February already? January has already gone and for me, it was filled with lovely memories and fun events. 

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22 January, 2018

Top 2017 Fashion Trends

Hey everyone!

Last year, 2017 was filled with many different unique styles and trends, some gaining more popularity and spreading amongst individuals who incorporated these popular style trends into their looks.

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