31 October, 2014

Useless Yet Entertaining Websites ❁


Terribly sorry there was no blogpost last Friday, I was camping with my family :-)
So to make it up for you, down below is a list (whoa shocker) of some completely useless, yet so entertaining, websites that are in my bookmarks.

click 'read more' for useful/useless websites!

❁ Emotions Colour Wheel
I find this website quite useful for writing.

❁ The Quiet Place Project - The Thoughts Room
I love The Quiet Place Project - they make the most beautiful websites.

 ❁ The Quiet Place Project - 90 Seconds

❁ The Quiet Place Project - The Dreams Room
Such cute & pretty mini games.

 The Nicest Place On The Internet
This always makes me tear me up aw.

This website records every single audio you've listened to on Tumblr!

 To This Day Project
Not really a website, but it has such a powerful message.


 Essay Typer

 English Vocabulary
So so so useful!

  Weave Silk
So beautiful and calming.

 Recite This

 Survive Nature
Because you never know..
 Rainy Mood
 WTF Should I Do With My Life?

This is so addictive???

I laugh every time at this game.

 Cat Mario
So damn frustrating ugh,

 Blue Ball Machine
One word to describe it: ??????

❁ Salmon of Capistrano
I just, 

❁ Bunny Hero Labs
I used to love this as a kid oh my gosh.


These are just a few of the websites that sit in my bookmarks.
I may make another post of this another time?

Anyway, thanks for reading!
See you next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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