05 March, 2018

Melbourne Plans


I'm in a very good mood at the moment, as on the Thursday this week, I'll be travelling to Melbourne with my two close friends :-). We'll be going to Ed Sheeran's concert and doing non-stop shopping in the streets of urban Melbourne. 

I've been coming up with a list on my phone of things I would like to buy and accomplish in Melbourne, so I thought hey, why not post it!

Click 'read more' to follow along my Melbourne to-do list..

- Photographs

Not only do I want to take a ton of snaps for my Instagram, but I would love to capture some photos to use for my art series in my art class this year. The art medium I'm experimenting with this year is photo embroidery, and one of my inspirations for this medium is Mara Aparicio, who has used a few photographs of people within city streets. For one image, I'd love to use a black and white photograph of a bustling crowd full of strangers, but by connecting them together with red thread, inspired by the Japanese myth the '
Red String of Fate' (that everyone has a red string tied to their pinky that is connected to their soulmate).

Source: Urban Indie

Source: Maria Aparicio

- Clothing

I've saved up some money to splurge in the shops of Melbourne, and I can't wait. I'd really like to find a quirky pair of boots, a pinafore and a cropped denim jacket to wear with my outfit on the night of Ed's concert. My wardrobe is going to be bursting at the seams..

melbourne bucket list // for blog. x

- Happy Memories

Of course, I want to make as many lovely, fun and wholesome memories as possible with my two close friends :-) I'll be sure to take lots of photographs with the 'live' feature on the camera app on my phone so I'm able to rewatch moments of when the photo was taken, as if replaying little memories inside my head. x

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,
- Ellie-mae xx



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