10 May, 2015

Queensland - Week Two


Very sorry for the late post - I've been so busy during my time up in Queensland, that I didn't have time to make one!
So for the two posts that I've missed (last Sunday and today's), I'll hopefully try and post two this week! Don't get your hopes up though, I probably won't be able to either as I've got quite a lot of schoolwork to catch up on :(.

Anyway, onto the blogpost! 

Click 'read more' to see what I'd been up to in my second week in Queensland! 

On Sunday, our second or third last day in Queensland, we journeyed to the SkyPoint Observation Deck. The view was unreal! You could see nearly all of Gold Coast - the suburbs, the Surfers Paradise beach, the different shaped buildings and hotels, and much more. It was amazing, and I captured some great snaps of them all.

This is the SkyPoint building from the outside!

The next day early in the morning, we find this guy behind the fence of our backyard. I was able to get up so close to him, and he didn't even flinch or move an inch away. This was an excellent chance to get a photo!

Afterwards, we travelled up to MovieWorld, which I was quite excited about. I remember seeing MovieWorld advertisements on TV and it just looked so cool and fun, being able to meet your childhood heroes and experiencing the rides. Which is exactly what I did - besides meeting them, of course, I felt a tad bit too shy and somewhat silly to do that... I regret it, though.
'Superman Escape'

'Batwing Spaceshot'

'Justice League 3D Ride'

I went on a majority of the rides besides two. One was the Batwing Spaceshot. The Batwing was basically a much smaller version of the Giant Drop in Dreamworld, except it went up and down in different speeds and lengths. I thought that since I went on the Giant Drop, I would find the Batwing less exciting. Second was the Green Lantern Coaster, as it had been shut down for maintenance. That was one of the rides that I was dying to go on and it looked so exciting, so I was fairly disappointed :(.

'Scooby Doo: Spooky Coaster'

The other rides were just as exciting though. I rode on the Arkham Asylum, Superman Escape, Scooby-Doo Coaster Ride, Wild West Adventure Falls and Justice League 3D Ride.

These limited edition Easter egg iced chocolates were
amazing! It had a mixture of milk chocolate, white chocolate
& vanilla.

This was the Hollywood Stunt Drive 2 that we watched. It was pretty cool, but some of the stunts that they did were kinda average, and the acting made me cringe, not gonna lie...

These flames scared the living daylights out of everyone I think!
I was amazed at how quickly I came to my senses to capture it!

This was our pool during the nighttime! It felt so relaxing to be able to swim underneath the stars, I really enjoyed. Which is shocking for me to say, as I hate swimming!

This was a massive maggot that we found amongst the garden. I've never seen one so big, it was a bit disgusting...

We found this massive coconut near our house. We thought that it was dried up and there was no coconut milk in it, but turns out there was..!

If you look closely, those two black things in the sky are bats. There were about forty of them that flew over our pool every night. I tried to get a photo of them, but they were far too quick for my camera to focus in time. I stood out there for half an hour, but still no luck :(.

This was a beautiful necklace that my dad bought me. It's a pearl shell! 

The next day, we went to Mossman Gorge for a walk. I loved it a lot, I wish I could've walked further. 

This naughty bird was trying to rip open this paper bag full of bread.
Luckily, this cool lady caught him and ripped the bag away from his beak. She said
that these kinds of birds will eat anything that they can get their beaks onto - even McDonald's!

Later, this small group ahead of us were all crowding around this tree and taking pictures, and I wondered what was going on. So I briskly walked up to them just in case I missed a great chance to get a photo, and this is what they were so excited about - this little guy here:

This long lizard here was unbelievably calm about the amount of people who were taking photos of him! I was able to get up so close to him, that I hardly had to zoom in to take photos!

Literally an hour later, the lizard was still there in the exact same position I left him! So I just had to take another snapshot of him.

Later after our walk, we went to the cafe there and 
we all got a nice drink. This hot chocolate was delicious!

Our next stop was the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary. This was one of the places that I was really eager to go to while I was in Cairns.

Butterflies sanctuary's are one of my favourite places to be. I thought the one in the Melbourne Zoo was amazing, but this sanctuary just blew me away. It was surprisingly massive, and the amount of butterflies that lived in there was just incredible!

This little quote made my day.

This was a plane wreck near the Frogs Restaurant, Kuranda. 
I can't remember much about what it said on the information board,
but apparently it was some sort of American war plane?

The coconut was finally ready after a night or two.
I didn't quite like the taste of it though...


And that ladies and gentleman, was about my second week in Queensland. It's a few weeks late, I do apologise about that, but I've been busy with school and catching up with stuff. Also, when I did try and type it up, my laptop kept overheating and crashing, and I would lose all of it. It was a pain in the butt, so I gave up.

Keep on the lookout next week to see all about my third and final week in Queensland.
Thanks for reading!
See you next Sunday,
- Ellie xo


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