14 June, 2015

Queensland - Week Three

Hello everyone!

Finally, here is the post all about my final week in Queensland, which consisted of train rides, the Great Barrier Reef, pebbles, and spectacular night views of Brisbane.

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On a terribly sweltering day in Cairns, we went on a peaceful, calm train ride. The train was a beautiful, bright red and yellow colour, and had a somewhat nice, vintage feel to it. I enjoy train rides a lot, and I struggled to keep my eyes open! Lucky I had my sunglasses on...

At the other end of the train ride, we all hopped off to stretch our legs, have a look at the scenery, and to have a drink.

When we got back to our original destination, we walked next door to Hog's Breath, which was right next the train station. I had a delicious 'Chocolate & Hogberry' milkshake to cool me down.


The next day was the day that I was very nervous about. It was the day that I was going snorkeling for the very first time. I was heading to the Great Barrier Reef for the first time, too! I have a massive fear for deep water, so I was a nervous wreck. It took everyone nearly 30-60 minutes for them to coax me into the water! It was so worth it though, the coral and the extravagant fish took my breath away. It was surreal.

We travelled on a massive charter boat to the area where we were going to be snorkeling, and we were treated to a massive lunch there on the boat. It was yum as, aha!

Once we arrived in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, the boat stopped and parked itself onto a large platform that was built there. The first thing that my family and I did was go on a submarine, and travelled around a large part of the Reef. The fish and coral were incredible, they looked much better in person than in the photos.

The following day, after our shopping trip at Cairns, we pulled over to this pretty pebble beach. The amount of pebbles I collected was ridiculous, it's a wonder my suitcase didn't weigh a few more extra kilos! I think it was prohibited to take the pebbles from the beach, but we just couldn't resist... oops.

I've now got all of the pebbles scattered in various jars around my room.

This was the last picture I took in Port Douglas. I was on my way to the airport, to head back down to Brisbane!

Finally, we arrived in Brisbane to stay for two nights. We stayed in a super fancy hotel, and the level that we were on was the highest level in the hotel, besides the penthouse!

This was the view from the bedroom I shared with my Nan. I usually sleep with an eyemask at night, but I decided to fall asleep staring at the bright lights from the city, as it would be a long time till I get to drift off to sleep looking at the city again.

I hardly took any photos whilst I was in Brisbane, as I didn't feel well at all, but I just had to take a quick photo of the amazing Noose Chocolate Factory I had. I ordered a 'Rocky Road Iced Chocolate', which was full of chunks of rocky road! I had to run back and get a spoon, so I could scoop out the chunks of rocky road at the bottom of my cup!


Finally, that was my final post about my trip to Queensland. I had a fantastic time, I'd go back there in a heartbeat!

Thanks for reading!
See you next Sunday,
- Ellie xo


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    Seriously,such GORGEOUS pictures gurl!!! Sounds like you had an amazinggg time!

    Hope you have a great time when you get back(or if you're already back) and you get lots of time to relax! xoxox

  2. thank you! i had an amazing time, i wish i could go back! xx

    1. No worries!! And yeah it looks amazing!

      Hope you get to go back soon! xoxo