25 July, 2014


I've been wanting to go to MONA for a very long time, but I've never been able to go, or I just simply forgot. But I was determined to go in the two week break I just had, and I finally did!

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If you don't know what MONA is, MONA stands for the 'Museum of Old and New Art'. It is such a quirky place to visit! There's not only an art gallery, there's a cafe, restaurant, library, a hotel, community centre (C'MONA), a fun play centre for kids and much more. They also have Starbucks oh my golly gosh. Soon, there will also be a shopping centre.
Next time your visiting Tassie, you should definitely take a peek!

There were so many unique pieces of art, it was absolutely amazing!
I took so many photos too, oops. 
Here's a few below..


This was the pathway leading MONA. I loved this triangle thingys, I want one in my backyard! 
I have no idea what they are for, but you can go inside the first triangle, on the left side of the picture. There was a speaker inside which immediately speaks when you enter and it startled me!

Here is the amazing view from MONA. You can just see Mt. Wellington in the background. Absolutely stunning!

There was also this random cat? I believe it was David Walsh's cat, who is the owner of MONA.
It was so cute and fluffy oh my gosh. It's a wonder no one has kidnapped it, as it just roams freely everywhere!

I thought this was spectacular. This amazing piece of art forms words out of droplets of water!
It spells out words from the daily news I believe, which I thought was very clever.

This room was completely filled with old televisions standing on old TV cabinets, and in front of each TV were antique, cool retro chairs. The people on the televisions were speaking in different languages, but there were English subtitles at the bottom of the screen.
When we walked past, we saw three Chinese ladies fast asleep on the lounge chairs, one of them snoring quite loudly! 

While we were walking towards another exhibition in MONA, I tried to take a picture, but I accidentally moved my arm and it came out ghosty-like, I guess, ahaha! I don't know, I quite like how it turned out, it looks pretty spooky I guess.

This wonderful monument is completely made out of sand. I love it. This would have been incredibly hard to make, and would have taken up a lot of time. I was so tempted to touch it though, haha!

This was another cool statue I liked. I think it's made out of metal, and painted silver. I'm not entirely sure, I'm probably wrong! It reminds me of a meditating Buddha, it's pretty calming to me.

This one room was empty except for this massive shelf in the middle of the room, stacked with messy paper and chunks of glass. The floor was spread with smaller bits of glass, and on the wall to the right near the window was a sentence saying, "Ihevirath ha kelim". I'm so curious as to what it means!

This room above was filled with stacks and stacks of blank books. Every single book was wordless. One worker there who was watching over the room was saying that she had a dream the other night that she was alone in the room, and she pulled out one of the books out of curiosity and it opened a secret passage. Haha, I think she's been in that room for too long...

This small room showed 30 screens of hilarious people singing a cover of one of Madonna's songs. The actions they were doing and the way that they were singing was so funny, but surprisingly good? It was very catchy, the song was in my head for the rest of the day!

 This piece of "art" is one of the most popular in MONA, the Poo Machine. Everyone thought it smelt disgusting, but I thought it smelt like shortbread? But it has turned me off shortbread now...
The "poo" is simply made out of scraps from the MONA cafe and restaurant, and I guess when all of the scraps mix together, it turns into a disgusting brown.
Ew, too much info...


Well, there we go!
Those were my little adventures in MONA.
I recommend all of you to go there, whether your interested in art or not.
Did I mention they also have Starbucks whaaat.


I hope you all enjoyed!

-Ellie x



Need a sign?
Here it is 


  1. It means "breaking of the vessels"! No idea what it has to do with the sculpture though! Loved it, by the way :) xx

    1. Oh, really? God, I have no clue either!
      Thank you c: xx