10 October, 2014

Origami ❁


A few weeks back, I bought some beautifully detailed square pieces of paper, because I've literally been craving origami lately. I never found the time to make any, but yesterday, I did!

I'm quite happy with how they turned out!

Click 'read more' to see my origami!

I followed the instructions on how to make the origami from this talented lady here, who has been generous enough to share her wonderful origami instructions for free!

The instructions and diagrams are so easy to understand, it's fantastic!

❁ Fortune Teller
This piece of origami is a pretty well known one. My friends used to make them at school - except for me, I could never remember how to make them, and I still can't!

I love how this piece of paper works so well with the fortune teller; how it makes it look like there's heaps of pink frames inside.
I haven't written in the numbers, colours or fortunes yet. I just want to leave it blank for now.

Link here.

❁ Crown
This origami crown was nice to make, but it would've been better with a larger square of paper, like newspaper.
The only problem with it is that some of the sides won't stay straight, so it kind of sticks out awkwardly. That's probably because of the size of the paper.

The paper's pretty, it looks like fairy lights, haha!

Link here.

❁ Crane
The origami crane is one of the most popular origami's to make. It was surprisingly easy to make! This was my favourite one, except my Mum has took it and placed it on her desk for herself! 

The paper suits the crane well I believe, as it's simple and doesn't take away the attention of the crane. Plus, it has arrows on it!

I'm planning to make a mobile for my little sister made of cranes, straw string and driftwood from the beach. Hopefully I'll be able to make it!

Link here.

❁ Twirling Bird
Ah, this one was so simple and fun to make! The 'twirling bird' is categorized as an 'origami toy', as it flies in the air and does multiples of flips and you guess it, twirls!

I made another one for my sister, as she was really enjoying mine. Hopefully that entertains her for a while on the weekend!

I want to make another twirling bird, except with larger paper, to see if it flies differently.

Link here

Drinking Cup
This origami was slightly boring, but it does look super cute with the patterned paper!

It sadly doesn't stand either, but maybe if I feel it up with a few bits and pieces, it may level out and stand.

Link here

I didn't make this swan from the instructions on 'Origami-Fun', instead I got it from this website here.
This was a tad bit difficult, I had to re-do a lot of the steps sometimes. But it was definitely worth it, I love the details in it!

It sadly doesn't sit up by itself unlike the crane (who rests on it's wings) so I don't know where to sit it nicely.

Link here.


This was really fun to make. Let me know if you make any, too!

Thanks for reading!
See you next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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