03 October, 2014

September Favourites ❁


It's the end of September already, and I've been loving a lot of things. From iPhone cases to a footstool, these are my September favourites..

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 5SOS 'Idiot' iPhone Case -
I ordered this phone case a while ago, and it finally arrived in the mail!
I've been eyeing off this phone case for a while now (you might have seen it in my 'August Wish List blogspost'!). I love it so much~.

'Eleanor & Park' -
My Pop recently bought me the book 'Eleanor & Park' by Rainbow Rowell (how awesome is that name?!). It's such a sweet and humorous read, but it's not very suitable for younger readers, as there's quite a few curse words. I really want to read another book by Rainbow Rowell, called 'Fangirl'.

Footstool -
In my MDT (Woodworks) class, I made a footstool, which I am extremely proud of! The fabric on my footstool is from Spotlight and it has grey, little fawns all over it. I'm in love with it!

Pinterest -
I've known about Pinterest for a while, but I've been on it regularly in September. I've been using it for recipes, bedroom & DIY ideas, as well as some inspiration for my upcoming terrarium!

Plants -
As you might have seen with my second last post, I've been going plant-crazy last month!
I've made my own plants and have even decorated the pots myself, too. Hopefully by next weekend, I will be able to decorate my terrarium!


That's all for this week, 
See you next Friday!

- Ellie xo



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