26 September, 2014

My Plans For The Holidays ❁


I am sooo relieved that it's the holidays. I can't wait to have a sleep-in on Monday.
I've been wanting to do a lot of things in the past holidays, but I never had the chance to do them.

So I've made a list below, (surprise, surprise) of the things I want/need to do in the holidays!

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Cinemas -
My friends & I have already planned on doing this! We're going to see The Maze Runner!

Small & Unknown Cafés -
While driving around town I've noticed a few tiny cafés that I've never seen before, so I'm quite eager to go and check them out.

❁ Haircut -
I haven't had my hair cut in a while... *cringes* 
My hair is so long now, I desperately need a few centimetres trimmed off!

❁ Terrarium -
I've been explaining to my step mum that I've noticed a few cool terrariums around, and I said I'd really like one. Turns out, she was going to give me one for Christmas, but I got it early! All I need to do is decorate it with some cute plants!

❁ Spring Clean -
I'm in desperate need for a clean out everywhere - my rooms, computer, other devices, etc. My OCD has been going crazy, but I've never found the time to have a massive clean!

❁ New Photos -
I haven't took new photos in a while, I need to get into that ASAP.

❁ Art & Craft -
Again, this is something I've been lacking. I hardly done anything artistic that doesn't include technology in a long time. I recently bought some square, cute decorated pieces of paper at The Reject Shop, because I'm planning on making some origami!

❁ Reading -
I have been reading a lot, trust me, but it hasn't been an actual book. You know, the rectangular thing that's full of paper and words? Yeah, a book.
My Pop bought me a new book called 'Eleanor & Park", and I'm very excited to read it!


Hopefully I'll be able to achieve this small holiday bucket list in the next two weeks!

Thanks for reading!

See you next Friday,
- Ellie x



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