19 September, 2014

Pot Plants ❁


Last weekend, I decorated and created my own pot plants, and I am so eager to share them with you!

Click 'read more' to see my lovely D.I.Y pot plants!

I used Dulux Spraypak spray paint which was much easier and applied a more thicker laying of coating than painting it on with a paintbrush. Definitely recommend!

I started to spray the pots inside a box, but it was difficult to go all the way around it. Though it did provide good shelter, as it was very windy that day!

So my Dad came up with the idea of hanging them on pieces of string, which was definitely a lot easier, though the paint sprayed a lot in our direction.


 To dry the pot plants, I tied the string to our gum nut tree. It actually looked pretty cool, ahaha!

While I was waiting for the pots to dry (which took a few hours) I painted the pots.
Beforehand, I painted two white undercoats so the colours would look more brighter and nice. I used my fantastic paints that I bought in Melbourne last year. It was a 5 pack which cost around $15.00.

It was quite a messy job!
(Okay, maybe some of the paint was deliberate...)

After everything was finally dry, I eagerly went scavenging for some succulents in my backyard. I've also "borrowed" some plants from places I have visited in the meantime, too!

I'm extremely happy at how they've turned out. It still looks a little bare, but I'm planning to by some quirky and cute ornaments, too.

Look at how cute they look, gah!

I'd love to make some of these as presents for family and friends.

My miniature jungle of succulents~.


I sincerely hoped you enjoyed this week's blogpost!
I have been super excited to share this with you.

Thanks for reading!

See you next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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