05 September, 2014

Spring Essentials ❁


I was browsing through some of my favourite blogs until I came across Ladri's blogpost, 'Winter Essentials', which has inspired me to make my own, except more suitable for the current season - spring!

You can check out Ladri's blog here:

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01; Floral Print Clothing
What better way is there to feel the spring than wearing floral print clothes?
There have been some super cute pieces that have been released this season, from skirts, to jeans and kimonos!

02; Scented Candles
Scented candles are a fabulous and calming way to get into the spring mood. Try some fresh, crisp scented candles; like a floral scent or a fruity citrus scent.

03; Plants
I'm recently growing some small cactus, succulents and other small plants, and they're scattered all around my room. Plants and flowers are an obvious item that reminds me of spring!

04; Minimal Clothing
Simple and minimal clothing have become quite popular. Try a simple tee with denim jeans and converse to create a classic minimalist look!

05; Spring Clean
A spring clean is a major essential for spring. I desperately need to clear out my room, and what better way to do that than to have a big spring clean? Yes, that does mean tidying your room!


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-Ellie x



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