29 August, 2014

End of August Wishlist ❁


It's the end of August, and I have found some super cute items that I desperately want.
Knowing me, I love making lists, so... surprise surprise, I made a wish-list!

Click 'read more' to see my end of August wish-list!

01; Blue Ripped Hollow Cardigan
Oh my gosh, this cardigan from sheinside.com looks so soft and delicate. I love the rips in it, which make it look kind of grunge-y or even a touch of vintage. I need it so bad.

02; Pelle Onyx Soap Stone
Look at how cool this soap is! It looks so smooth, wow. I didn't realise it was soap until I looked closer.

03; 5 Seconds of Summer "Idiot" iPhone Case
Yaaass, this iPhone is so great. I really do need this for my iPhone 5, ahaha!

04; Blk Beverages
I see this drink everywhere on social media, it's so popular. I really want to try it to see why it's so popular. I mean, it's spring water???
It's probably the bottle that attracts so many people, I guess.

05; Painterly Blue Print Backpack by Marc Jacobs
This backpack is way out of my limit, but ugh, it's so pretty. The paint strokes on the backpack look lovely, and the colours in it are quite nice.


I hope you enjoyed!

See you next Friday,
-Ellie x



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