28 November, 2014

November Favourites ❁


Ah, it's finally near the end of November and I've been loving so many things this month, from fruit & nut bars to mugs, here are my November favourites!

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1. 'Be Natural'  Fruit, Nut & Seed Bars - these are sooo damn delicious. Filled with fruits, nuts, seeds and other nutritious goods, 'Be Natural' bars are now my favourite snack. Unlike other bars (which are hard to break off and chew) these bars fall apart easily and are surprisingly soft to chew!

2. 'Boofle' Mugs - my whole family has been collecting these adorable mugs for other family members since about Christmas two years ago. You can get a variety of sizes, but we get the largest ones - larger mug = more hot chocolate!

3. Sleep - I've been very sick this month. I've been feeling tired and week and have had constant headaches and earaches, and on top of that, I've had a sinus infection as well! (Damn you lavender!)

4. AngstChild - This online store has got to be one of my uttermost favourites stores of all. They sell the coolest items - from tees, to iPhone cases, to head gear. Check 'em out here! x

5. Half Moon - This quirky, new shop is called 'Half Moon', created by Roneth. She's soon going to be selling super kawaii chokers, most of them I've never seen before, which makes me love them even more! I can't wait to order one, I've already got my eye on a few! Check Roneth's shop on Instagram! x


There you have it! Those were my November favourites!

Thanks for reading!
See you next Friday,- Ellie xo



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