21 November, 2014

Christmas Wish-List ❁

Hello everyone!

Christmas is coming up soon, and to get into the spirit, I have created a Christmas wish-list!

Click 'read more' to see my Christmas wish-list!

1. One Direction 'Four' - Deluxe Edition // Oh yes, I'm still a die-hard fan of One Direction, and their new album 'Four' has gotten me very, very excited. The songs on the album sound amazing, and the people who wrote them for them and with them are also people I'm fans of!

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera // I'm one of those people that still don't have an Instax camera - and that makes me quite sad. I do hope I can get one, but the hard part is the colours to choose from! From pink, to yellow, to white and many others. Choices, so many choices...

3. Coffee & Donuts Mug // This mug says it all; coffee and donuts do go well together. I need this mug in my life!

4. 'Don't Know Don't Care' Muscle Tee // I basically say this motto 24/7. I pretty much live by this quote to be honest...

5. Forever New Watch // I'd love a fancy-dancy watch to wear when I go out. This watch is adorable with the floral pattern behind it. I love it!

6. High-Top Converse // Ah, this is the present that I am most in need for! I've already planned so many outfits with the high-top Converse I'm wishing upon (even though they're not high-top Converse in the picture... I only just realised that...)

7. Monki Rebecka Necklace // I wear my gold, chunky chain necklace quite a lot, but I feel with the black, thinner version, I would be wearing it way more often than the golden one! It would go with so many outfits... Ah!

8. Alexa Chung 'It' Book // She is literally my queen. She's so inspiring and gorgeous and lovely, and I am dying for the book she wrote. The simple yet effective cover is so cute, and again, I'm so desperate for this present. I'm silently praying that I will get it!


There's so much pink in my wish-list - it's a wonder that I'm not cringing at the sight of it, aha!

Thanks for reading!
See you next Friday,- Ellie xo



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