13 February, 2015

Lately ❁ // part two


It's nearly halfway through February (already!), and lately I have been..

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Listening to - 'Take Me to Church' by Hozier. I adore this song at the moment, especially the story behind it. Also, the dude that made this song did it ALL in his own home! Amazing, huh? Another song I'm loving is 'Hold Back the River' by James Bay. My mum and I sing along to this everytime is comes on the radio, it's such a good song.

Enjoying - School. Not gonna lie, I'm really enjoying it. I've got excellent classes whom I'm comfortable with, and I've got two of my best mates in my homeroom! I do wish I could have all of my friends in my homeroom, but at least I get to spend at least one subject with them. But I feel so comfortable in all my classes, which is so relaxing for me, as last year I was nervous in a few. I'm pretty happy :-).

Reading - I've been getting back into my favourite classic books, 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'. I have a paperback of one of them (with the BBC Sherlock on the front cover!) and the rest of the stories are on my iPad - which you can download for free in the iBooks app! I'm a massive fan of murder mysteries or stories that leave me hanging on the edge in each chapter, so Sherlock is right up my alley.

Loving - My new school book covers that I made myself! What I have on them is photos that I have taken myself, and I got my step mum to print them off. Then, I simply blu-tacked them onto some black paper, so that I can re-use the photos for something else at the end of the year! Then to fill up the rest of the space on my school books I, again, blu-tacked some silver scrapbooking paper onto them. I chose a simple yet nice background so the main focus is on my photos. You can see my school books on my previous blogpost!
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See you next Friday,- Ellie xo


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