06 February, 2015

Back to School ❁


Today was the first day of Year 9 this year, and god, was it a nerve-wracking day. We don't know who's in our classes till the day we get there, so I've been worrying about that throughout the holidays. But it turns out that two of my close friends are in the same classes as me, so that was a massive relief.

Every year, I try and get creative with covering my schoolbooks, and I'm pretty damn proud of them this year. There simple, yet effective. And so is my pencil case, which is pretty darn cute.

Click 'read more' to check out what's in my pencil case & schoolbooks!

I'm super happy with how my books turned out. Definitely doing it next year.

I'm also loving my black leather, vintage pencil case (cheers Office Works!). One thing I'm not entirely happy about is what's in my pencil case. The stationary that we need to have for school is so bland and boring, and they look just like everyone else's, which I highly dislike. The only thing we can have different is our pencil cases and schoolbooks. And I'm not just complaining about the stationary looking like everyone else's, we can't even express ourselves through our uniform. I completely understand about the uniform, because it shows a sign of respect for our school, but we're not allowed to wear any form of jewellery besides a watch and simple studs (only one on each ear, though!) and we're not even allowed to wear our hair out, is has to be somewhat tied back, even for males.

Sorry for the rant, but, I don't know, it's hard expressing ourselves at school. We all look the same, like a herd of sheep.


Jeez, this blogpost sure got out of hand, sorry about that small rant..

Anyway, thanks for reading!
Until next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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