30 January, 2015

Room Tour ❁ // part one


I've been meaning to do a room tour since last year (before December!), but other things came up and I wasn't able to post it. But hooray! Today is the day I can finally show you my room!

Click 'read more' to explore my room!
This bedroom right here is the one I stay most often in, as it's at my mum's house. It's gigantic, as it used to be a studio, a storage room or a garage. I've always lived in small, unit bedrooms, so having a massive room like this in a house and not a unit, is like a dream come true for me.

Anyway, onto the tour!


My bed sits right in the middle of my room, squeezed in next to my piano and door. It's a double, silver and white bed, and it's soo comfy. I basically live in it.
Above my bed are two frames, and string with some of my photography hanging from it. I love how it looks!


I sit at my desk a lot, as it's where my laptop, camera and crafty things belong. I did have a much bigger desk, but when my pop and stepdad were moving it into my room, they completely damaged it trying to fit it into my doorway! I am getting another one soon, so I can display my items more.


My dresser is so cluttered, and I hardly use any of the products that are on there. Hoarder much? I need to clean it up ASAP... 
One thing about living in a room that isn't  supposed to be a bedroom is having no mirror. This small, square mirror is down too low, I can hardly see the top of my head!


One thing that I love about this room is the long shelves that stretch from one end of the wall to the other. That's where I store a majority of my things! From books, to CD's, to Beanie Kids, etc.
I have a massive collection of Beanie Kids, I've been collecting them literally from the day I was born! I've stopped collecting now as the prices have gone up, but I might buy one here and there..

Shelf 1

Shelf 2

Shelf 3


I have a large, circular cushioned chair that takes up the top right of my room. It's so comfy, and I have my favourite pillows resting on it. I always sit on that chair to either read, listen to music, or even take a small catnap (which results in a terrible cramp in my neck! Totally worth it though). Next to my chair is a circular box where I store extra shoes in. Cover the top of it is my year 6 leaver's top, and sitting on top is a bird cage and sometimes a few books.


Another thing about this room is that it doesn't have wardrobes, so I have to use shoes racks and clothing racks. Which I don't mind really, as I get to display my favourite clothes.


I call this part of my room the 'music corner', mainly because that's where the piano is. It's technically not mine, it was already here when we moved in, but it does look pretty cool there. I can't really get to it to play it as my clothing rack and a tub of miscellaneous things are stored in front of it, but oh well. I've got my ukulele and framed, signed pictures of One Direction and Matt Corby. I also have some treasured bits from my One Direction concert, like the 2013 tour book, the tickets and streamers, ahaha! Above the piano is a poster of fetus One Direction... I really need to get a more updated poster...


And that's the end of the tour! A part two will definitely be up soon, as I'm moving house again; and possibly a part three, once I finish renovating my room at my dad's house.

Thanks for reading!
Until next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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