23 January, 2015

Exploring the City ❁


Last Tuesday, my two lovely friends and I met up in the city of Hobart to spend the day simply exploring the shops and cafes! It was such a relaxing day, just walking around town with no place to be. I'd love to do it again, but maybe arrive earlier and leave much later! I'd also like to these small boutiques I came across a while ago but never found them again...

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The first thing I just had to take a picture of was this clever and cute sign outside a small, busy cafe. I love Astro Boy, I've known him since I was little! I wish I could remember the name of the cafe, I would love to grab a cuppa there next time I'm in town...

It was a bit of a cloudy day, but it was a nice temperature to walk around in, which just made the day better!

One of the stores we went into is one of my favourites - Funky Homes. I'm in love with that store, I wish I could hire someone there to design my room, ahaha!
One of the things that they sell there is a gigantic Miffy lamp - it's about up to my waist!

Next, we went into this MASSIVE store for things for your home (as you can probably tell by now, I love home decor shops, I can't get enough of them!).
Again, I can't quite remember the store (I'm so forgetful) but if I do remember it, I may edit it on here, aha!
I didn't take many pictures because there was quite a lot of people in there (and the workers were eyeing us suspiciously...) but I just had to take a picture of this teapot with a rainbow from the rows of glassware behind us reflecting on it! It was so pretty.

Next, I travelled down this long alleyway cautiously to grab a few snapshots of it. Darcie and Shae thought I was going to get abducted, ahaha! The alleyway smelt so good though - there was a delicious Indian restaurant above me!

A few stores later, we went into Lush - I've never been into Lush before, I've always wanted to, but I always somehow ran out of time! It smelt gorgeous.
Two of the ladies there  also showed us an example of the new bath bomb that just came out - 'Granny Takes A Dip'! It smelt too good, and we were allowed to soak our hands in it. When we took our hands out, they were stained pink! Our hands smelt beautiful though, so we didn't mind at all!

Afterwards, we met up with my nan and my sister to go to a small cafe called 'South On Collins'. I'm definitely going there again, they sold the most delicious, big milkshakes I've ever seen!

The one moment that really made my day was these 3 lovely girls that were cosplaying as characters from numerous Japanese animes! Normally I'm very shy of asking someone for a picture, but I somehow found some courage to ask these girls for a picture. They gladly accepted the offer!

Anyway, here are some more pictures of our trip into town. I can't wait to do it again, it was heaps of fun.


Thanks for reading!
Until next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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