16 January, 2015

Birthday + Haul ❁

Hi there!

Two days ago, I celebrated my birthday - I'm finally 15!
I had an absolutely fantastic day, from going out for breakfast, to having a beautiful high tea to wonderful gifts that I would never have imagined I would've gotten.

Click 'read more' to see what happened on my birthday + a birthday haul!!

I woke up surprisingly late on my birthday; 7:00am (which is waaay too early on another day!). The minute I woke up I was given gifts straight away from my mum, step dad and my two sisters (scroll down further to see all of my gifts!)

At 8:30am, my dad, step mum and my nan picked me up to go to the Currency Cafe. This unique cafe/restaurant used to be known as the Commonwealth Bank, but has now be turned into a place to eat. It's such a quirky little place, and you can tell it used to be a bank by the framed money on the walls and massive safe at the back of the kitchen!
The rest of my family came down for breakfast as well, which was really lovely. I also had a lovely breakfast, which consisted of berry compote pancakes and delicious hot chocolate. I wish I got a picture, but I forgot my camera! And I felt too awkward taking a picture of it on my phone...

After breakfast, my step mum took me to get a pedicure as one of my presents. I hate people touching my feet, but for once, I was willing to go. I picked out a lovely pastel pink colour, as I've been loving pastel colours at the moment. The lady kind of hurt my feet, but it tickled at the same time? How does that even work?

Then, I went back home to help my mum set up our high tea at home. I really appreciate all of the hardwork she's done for me, not just the party, but for everything. She's done a fantastic job at being a mother. 
The high tea looked so elegant and beautiful. We had fancy, white teacups and saucers, glass cake towers, a teapot filled with hot chocolate, milk bottles full of juice and water, and delicious, delicate foods; as well has a banner that said 'Happy Birthday Ellie-mae!', which took me an hour to thread through onto the ribbon!

This is where I sat, aha!

Two of my close friends came down for our fancy afternoon tea, Annie and Shae. Sadly, Darcie couldn't make it, but hopefully I can catch up with her next week :-)
Throughout the entire day, we watched movies, talked, laughed and ate the fancy high tea, and then we had pizza and my mum's yummy cake she made later that night.

My mum made this delicious cake, it tasted so good!

It was such a fantastic day, it couldn't have gotten any better. I had a wonderful time.


Finally, we're up to my birthday haul! I received such fantastic gifts, I felt so spoilt.

My cute bear stockings - I just had to wear them right away!

This was the package that the bear stockings came in.

A whole collection of bits & bobs from Typo for my new desk!

I've been wanting some things from Lush for aaages, I'm
so glad I got some! They smell so good too~.

I used to collect Beanie Kids when I was little, and I was
so happy that I got another to add to my collection!

I'm loving Peter Pan collars at the moment.

I'm also loving driftwood too - not entirely sure if this is
driftwood, but it's close enough!

I've been craving orange & passionfruit icypoles - 
now I can make them!

My cute pedicure I had done at 'Lovely Nails'.

My close friend Shae drew this - she's going to be a
fantastic artist; I can see it now. 
(If you couldn't tell, it's 5SOS dressed up as Super Mario
characters! Two of my favourite things!)

The best gift of all I received is these Ed Sheeran tickets!
I'm so damn excited, I actually cried, ahaha!

Thank you to everyone who gave me these lovely presents :-)


Also, thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, you're all very lovely~.

Thanks for reading!
Until next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Ellie! :) Those cupcakes and desserts look delicious. And great that you got tickets to Ed Sheeran's concert, he's a pretty good artiste. Hope you had a great time. :)

    The Happy Candle