09 January, 2015

Birthday Wish-List ❁

Hello everyone!

It's my birthday on Tuesday, and I honestly can't wait for it. I'm going out for breakfast with my father, step mum and nan, and then I'll travel back home to my mother's house to get prepared for our fancy high tea!

Today, I've prepared a birthday wish-list of the things I desperately want/need.

Click 'read more' to see what I've got on my wish-list! 

1. Milk Tee from Inu Inu  - Don't bother asking me why I'm so in love with this tee - there's just something about it that I adore. Maybe it's the wicked Japanese writing on it, or the cute milk carton, but whatever it is, I need it!

2. Skort  - I've been looking for a skort everywhere, but I can never find one, but when I do, it's a pattern that I'm not a major fan of. I'd love a plain black, white or silver one - so it can go with everything.

3. Ikea Desk Chair  - Ikea is my number one stop for whenever I travel to Melbourne. I love, love, love their furniture and other bits and bobs, especially this snazzy desk chair. I really need a new desk chair, as my other one broke and now I'm using one of our wooden, dining table chairs. Not comfortable at all.

4. Totoro iPhone Case from Inu Inu  - Yes, another item that I want from Inu Inu - I'm in love with this kawaii shop! I'm also in love with this kawaii iPhone case that I've had my eye on for a while. Who doesn't love a cute Totoro on their phone?

5. Toucan Pillow ♥ - My mum and I have been going crazy for Toucans - we're in love with them. So of course I'd be wanting this lovely Toucan pillow! It's got some bright colours, but not too bright, which is just my style.


I can't wait for my birthday this upcoming Tuesday, I'm so excited! 
I'll finally be 15, hooray!

Thanks for reading!
Until next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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