01 January, 2018

Christmas Haul 2017


It's been quite a while since the last time I posted; I went on a two year hiatus from my blog, but alas, I'm finally back :-) Also of course, my first post after two years would be a Christmas haul, haha!

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Christmas 2017 was a lovely day filled with delicious food and moments with my family. I was very grateful to receive many presents, which I would love to share with you all below.
Thank you to everyone for the gifts that I received :-)

Pictured: Oxx nail dryer, Chi Chi scented nail polish, 

Oxx yellow nail polish, Sinful Colors 'Top Shine'

I cannot wait to use the Oxx nail dryer as well as the Chi Chi scented nail polish! I've already used the Oxx yellow nail polish & the Sinful Colors top coat, and both are such great quality! They lasted longer than I thought they would before one of my nails chipped slightly.

Pictured: 'Wonder' by R.J Palacio, 'Lost in a Book',
'We Were Liars' by E. Lockhart, 'Turtles All the Way Down' by John Green
I've been wanting to read these novels for quite a while, so I'm very keen to start reading them :-) Don't know how I'm going to choose which one to read first though...

Pictured: Colette make-up brush set, B.Pro face contour book, ModelsPrefer contour brush,
Sportsgirl glitter lip kit, Nivea lip balm, Sportsgirl body glitter
Pictured: B.Pro face contour book
Pictured: Sportsgirl glitter lip kit

So excited to try out all this make-up & brushes! I experimented with a few of the Colette brushes late the other night when boredom took over me, and they're so lovely to use, and soft as well! Eager to use the mermaid tail contour brush as well :-) 

Pictured: Lush 'Twilight' box set
Lush's 'Twilight' set is one of the nicest smelling products. They're a lovely lavender scent with a touch of ylang ylang. I've used them everyday so far!

Pictured: Woodstock mint green record player

One of my favourite gifts that I received was this beautiful mint green Woodstock record player. I've been playing my Judy Garland vinyl over and over again. I'll be getting a Lana Del Rey vinyl soon, I can't wait to play it :-)

Pictured: Typo laptop sleeve

Definitely going to use this laptop sleeve for college :-)

Pictured: Mario Kart 7 3DS game
I've been playing this game non-stop since I got it.. it's so addictive! I'm now a proud owner of 3 Mario Kart console games~.

Pictured: Pokemon plushes Litten & Rowlett 
More Pokemon plushies to add to my Pokemon collection!

Pictured: Honey Badger gift voucher
A gift voucher from one of my favourite cafes - Honey Badger. I can't wait to use it, thanks Secret Santa! 

Pictured: Bondi Sands tanning spray &  mit, Kmart scented shower cap, Kmart exfoliating mit
Bondi Sands tanning spray is a definite necessity for when I need to tan for my 18th birthday!

Pictured: JayJay's Rick and Morty tee, Cotton On camis
I'm in love with my Rick and Morty shirt, I can't wait to wear it. Camis take up about half of my wardrobe, but you can never have too many :-)

Pictured: Nutella
This 1kg jar of Nutella is going to last me approximately 2 days... and that's me savouring it!

Pictured: Old Skool Vans from the Iconic

These vans are now my new favourite shoe. I'm wearing them everywhere..!

I hope everyone had a good holiday :-) Comment down below what your favourite gift that you received was! 

Thanks for reading!
Until next time,
- Ellie-mae xx


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