08 January, 2018

Must-Have Mustard Playsuit


I was invited to one of my close friends' birthday celebration party on Saturday, and I came across the perfect playsuit from Masque Boutique to dress up in for the event. I had fun experimenting bold, colourful nail polish that would accompany the mustard playsuit well and attempting to rearrange my choker in different styles. 

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Firstly, I began to plan my outfit through my Polyvore account and searched through my items to find similar pieces of shoes and accessories I had in my own closet. I continuously rearranged my outfit until I was satisfied with the end result. I created a cute, little notebook collage set to make my arrangements and ideas look more fun :)
I clipped several images from the Masque website and trimmed around the images and decorated the notebook to display it like a fashion scrapbook.

#OOTD // #388 ~ 060118
  My outfit collage set that I published on my Polyvore account

The purple BYS nail polish popped against the mustard playsuit and blended nicely with the black accessories. I had trouble choosing the colour of nail polish though - I couldn't decide whether to go with a bold and daring colour such as purple or turquoise, or to paint my nails a simple colour such as black or silver sparkles to play it safe. To help me with my decisions, I posted a poll on my Instagram story for peopIe to help me decide whether I should go bold or classic. ended up choosing to go out of my fashion comfort zone and chose the purple. Thank you to those who voted! x

This was the end result of my outfit! It has become one of my favourite outfits to wear out. I received a few compliments on the playsuit at the party, which made me quite happy c:

This wrap choker is one of my favourite necklaces to wear when going out. There's so many ways to rearrange the choker - into a bow, double band, triple band. Here's a video tutorial by The Songbird Collection I came across that shows you the many different ways you can tie it!

I also accessorised my outfit with this lovely Colette clutch that I always carry when I'm going out as well as with this shiny, purple nail polish from BYS. I've had this nail polish for a few years now, but it is still such good quality and has only just started chipping on my thumbs and pointer finger. It has lasted longer than my newer and more expensive nail polishes. I definitely recommend BYS for good quality nail polishes for an excellent price.

These cute black heeled boots are from Betts, and go with pretty much any outfit. I typically wear them if I'm going to a casual dinner, but they are quite comfy to walk and stand in - though I do need to add a grip sticker underneath the soles of the shoes, as they're a tad slippery when walking downhill or on tiles or hardwood flooring. Such a lovely pair of shoes though :-)

For my make-up look, I went with a cat eye and pearly white and purple shades to compliment the purple polish.

I hope you enjoyed my outfit and have given you a bit of courage to play around with numerous colour schemes and to not be afraid of trying them out. I'm definitely going to wear this colour combo again!
Here are a few images from Annie's birthday party that I captured with my friends :-) Enjoy!

The sunset that night - no filter required!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,
- Ellie-mae xx



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