26 December, 2014

Christmas Haul ❁

Good morning/afternoon/evening!
How are you all? I hope you had a marvellous Christmas?

Christmas was such a lovely and relaxing day for me; but it was also a sad time for us, as my Pop passed away with dementia two days before Christmas.

But on a brighter note, I was able to see family members that I haven't seen for over 8 years, and I received fantastic gifts! There is not one present that I am unhappy with.

Click 'read more' to discover my Christmas haul!

Look at how cute these clothes are! I'm so so so happy with them!

Can't wait to where my new frilly socks with my shoes!

I also received a pair of Converse and denim high-waisted jeans, but as you can see, I was wearing them, aha.

I've been looking forward to reading these in the holidays!

It took me aaages to find 'A Little Bit Crafty' by Frankie Magazine, but when I stumbled into an adorable shop called 'Funky Homes', they were scattered everyone on their couches, including 'Frankie' and 'Make & Do' by Beci Orpin! It is now my favourite little shop. Look at how nice the kind lady wrapped my gift!

I'm quite a fan of owls, so I was very pleased with the amount of owl gifts I received.

This little glass owl is gorgeous, the patterns and colours in it are wonderful.

My Aunt gave me these little owl containers. They used to be my great grandmother's and they're around 60 years old!

I've been needing a tripod for ages, so I was blessing my Nan for buying me one.

I'm definitely going to be using the cute little milk bottle that my soft jubes came in later on!

I received exactly $300, which I am saving up for Queensland next year.

My mother went on a Typo shopping spree - I'm getting more Typo things for my birthday soon!

Look at how adorable my apple body scrubber is! It's so soft~

This box is so cute that some my gifts came in.

My Aunt and Uncle bought me Rihanna's perfume, 'Rebelle', and it smells divine!

I did receive more gifts, because some of them are at my Dad's house :-)
Thank you to everyone who bought me gifts, I appreciate them very much!


I've been planning this blogpost for ages, all I had to do was take the pictures today!
Also, R.I.P to my lovely Pop, you will be sorely missed 

Thanks for reading!
See you next Friday,
- Ellie xo



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