22 January, 2018

Top 2017 Fashion Trends

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Last year, 2017 was filled with many different unique styles and trends, some gaining more popularity and spreading amongst individuals who incorporated these popular style trends into their looks.

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Band tees were seen everywhere amidst fashion stores in 2017. Including a merchandise shirt into your outfit is a fun way to express your love towards a band or singer that you are a fan of.

Items of clothing decorated with delicate, floral embroidery makes any outfit look feminine and beautiful almost effortlessly. Rose embroidery was the most popular among the flowers - roses can be distributed in many styles - grunge, girly, edgy, which made the flower so popular amongst clothing.

Double denim definitely made a comeback in 2017 from where it was most popular in the late 1980s/90s. This denim-on-denim retro look was seen worn amongst stars such as Alexa Chung, Chrissy Teigen and Kylie Jenner.

Gucci belts were one of the most worn branded accessories throughout the fashion industry last year. The belts are noticeable with the bold, golden Gucci symbol at the front of the belt. The belts are typically plain black.

Another 90s trend that had a major comeback in 2017 was chokers. Chokers are the perfect accessory to go with any look - elegant or edgy, night or day. Whether it was a wrap choker, velvet, or chain, they were seen everywhere.

Vans Old Skool were voted the 4th most popular sneaker according to GQ.com. These sneakers were beloved by males and females. They accessorised not only streetwear fashion, but even made items of clothing such as floral dresses a cool & chill look to wear out and about. Vans Old Skool sneakers came in a range of colours and decorations such as roses, but the classic black and white pairs were the best-sellers.

Off-the-shoulder/strapless tops & dresses were a trend amongst most female fashion. The strapless style was found in blouses, bodycon dresses or cute cropped tops, just to name a few. The perfect & most popular pairing with a strapless item of clothing was with a choker.

Baker boy hats made an unexpected comeback in 2017. Models and internet trendsetters have adopted the hat from working class men and news boys from the early 20th century. Bella Hadid was the biggest culprit of working the baker boy hat into her outfits, proving that they can go with anything.

Oversized denim jackets are one of the comfiest outerwear clothing to wear, so it was no surprise that they were taking the fashion industry by storm. The classic denim look can make any outfit look comfy yet chic effortlessly.

Numerous plaid patterns were seen throughout pieces of clothing in 2017. Whether it was gingham or the Prince of Wales check, hats, tops and bottoms were decked out in the checked fabrics. The pattern adds a sophisticated and classy flair to any outfit.

Fishnets were extremely popular around streetwear fashion. Fishnets were typically worn underneath a pair of ripped jeans or a skirt. The simple stockings made any outfit look more edgy, grunge or punk rock. They could even be paired with a clean cropped pair of jeans and a set of heels to add more of a grunge flair to a typical classy outfit.

Fenty Puma by Rihanna blew up the internet when the shoe collections were released, especially the Fenty Puma creepers. The shoes either came in numerous colours of velvet fabric or suede, just to name a few. The shoes add a sweet detail to sport or streetwear.

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